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MalcolmRobinson - (1/31/2013 7:30:29 AM)
RE:M-H Tanks/Racine
John, Alan and all,

Yes as you said John it was 1997 when we were both last there and prior to that it was 1992 when I first visited Racine and did a full tour of the Case - I-H factory which is on the old site, I got to walk up the hill J I Case Threshing Machine Co created to test their steam engines on back in the early 1900's, also went through the old office block across the street, I took lots of video in those days but unfortunately have no photographs to post here, but  I must say at that time Case - I-H did me proud with a full tour including history of both Case Companies, it seemed to me by that time they had let all animosity between both J I Case Companies pass by, as they were open to history and discussion of both Companies.

From my visits I do beleive, had the river not run through Racine, we would of seen both J I Case Companies in a different manufacturing location in the USA, on my tour there was great emphasis put on the amount of raw materials and finshed machinery moved out of Racine by river in their early years of manufacturing, now maybe there's another avenue of Massey history which has not been explored yet, "transportation of manufactured product" 

I just wish some of our known MCA members living in Wisconsin would help in all this great research for future generations to enjoy, I am sure they could tell us far more than I saw on two visits in the 1990's and would be good to hear how it is today and if Case-I-H are still part of the industry in Racine.

Come on Mike and Dennis I know you are not far from Racine and would love to hear from you.