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IL plowman - (2/14/2013 12:07:20 PM)
RE:M-H Tanks/Racine
You've made me very curious.  Racine is about 100 miles from me, but I took a do-it-yourself, virtual satellite tour this morning on and Google Earth.  By searching on 2302 Mead St, Racine (an address of J.I.Case PlowWorks found on a 1919 ad), I located what may be the factory site.  From that address, go 2 blocks south and you'll see a site several city blocks in size that appears to be a razed factory site.  Only concrete foundations and floors - no structures remaining. 

Nearby (slightly to the east) there is a concrete oval track that has several low buildings and some red tractors (Case/IH?) parked nearby.

By playing with the controls on the page, you can get down to nearly street level view and scan the jorizon.  Sadly, there are no water towers nearby.......

Also on the subject of tanks, may be helpful for those looking for something new to take to the shows this summer.  It's an international registry.  Maybe some are available?