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johnfarnworth - (2/5/2013 10:43:15 AM)
RE:M-H Tractors/Racine
I found another shot relevant to the Racine tractor plant.  It's probably older than most of us!

It shows the 1929 Manager's conference held on September 18-21st and most of the men are named.  As you will see there are a lot of "local boys" from WI so maybe there are relatives in MCAor MCA members who know the families?  The search is on!!!!!

Left to right:
Ed Schiele Racine Wis
Irving Shaw Batavia NY
John Partels Lansing Mich
Allen Tyson Columbus Ohio
Gordon Dingle Toronto
SB Chadsey Toronto
Fred Hansen Racine Wis
Emery Nell Harrisburg Penns
Paul Crouch Kansas City Mo
Syver Syvarson Minneapolis Minn
Earl Woods Dallas Texas
Oscar Braecklein Los Angeles Calif
Tony Hicklin Indianopolis Ind
Bill Dreier Omaha Nebraska
Charlie Tierney Omaha Nebraska

CE Krause Racine Wis
Pece Borman Racine Wis
George Whits Toronto
Grover Weyland Racine Wis
Bill LaVenture Racine Wis
Fred Jackson Racine Wis
Chet Leacch Hutchinson Nebraska