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MalcolmRobinson - (2/14/2013 11:19:33 AM)
RE:M-H Tractors/Racine
What a wonderful amount of Racine and Massey history flooding out here in these recent threads, many photographs we have never seen before and so much for everyones taste or interest, even down to employees, signs, water towers and general history of the Company.

One thing I have been wanting to post in the last two weeks when this thread was at the point of discussing the Robin manifold conversions for the Wallis and M-H 20-30's and M-H 25's, and the reference to the large hole cut in the hoods which John and Graham have discussed keeping that history and covering with plates when put back to original style manifolds.

Has anyone seen the Robin elbow which fits to the Wallis manifold and takes the pipe vertical at the side of the hood?
WHen I bought my M-H 20-30 it had this Robin conversion and luckily had not had a large hole cut in the hood, so with one of Ervin's new diverter valves, kingston carburetor and vaporisor I soon had it back to original.
The cast elbow is very heavy and so far I have not come across another.