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JoePoncelet - (4/13/2013 7:14:19 AM)
RE:M-H Tractors/Racine

When searching this thread to post the Racine building I noticed your post of your Robin manifold upright piece you posted back in February. I must have been buisy with the Whiz-N-Day stuff as I didn't see it til now.

I too have the Robin upright piece like yours but yours is missing a piece. Back in 1998 when I got a 20-30 from Gary Biewer there was one of these laying in the front frame of the tractor, I was going to toss it as I didn't think it had anything to do with a Wallis. Later I was working on a 20-30 I got from Bob Glass and it needed a dirverter valve so i put this on in it's place until I could get one from Ervin. If you think a 20-30 is loud with the regular exaust that is nothing compared to putting one of these on the tractor!!! I swear it Amplifies the exaust and makes the tractor twice as loud!! I disc about 2 acres with this on and couldn't hardly take it anymore!! This would be great for tractor pulling to put on a show and make noise but you wouldn't want to run it all day long.