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johnfarnworth - (7/20/2012 1:07:18 PM)
RE:MH 744D history
I've just had another e mail in from Bryon as follows

Hi John
I looked at the photos on  Ebay of the link that Joe had posted. The steering is the same as what I have on my 303 old style work bull without the power steering. Which is also the same steering box used on the 55, 555 as well. The Accelerator lever is the same as what is on my  744 tractors. The 745 uses a wire cable that is stamped steel on mine. But as we all know massey built with the parts they had in inventory so you can never say they did not build it that way.
One other thing that I have notice is that a 745 hood is about 1 inch longer then a 44 hood.
So thanks Bryon - more Massey mysteries to ponder!