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MasseyH - (6/22/2013 5:52:30 PM)
RE:MH 22K Project
I will try some pics over here just to see what happens.  The 22K is slowly moving along.  Unfortunately, I had to trade my first born (that would be Drew) for a set of tires!!  Damn they are expensive!!!  Luckily, one of the donor tractors had one new rear tire so that helped a little.  All the yellow is painted tires are on the rims. 

Tractor is about ready for a final coat of paint and then we will be buttoning things up.  We just got the manifold back in house.  The hood is back from having new holes drilled for the second tank and exhaust. (Did you know a gas hood had different hole placements than a keronsene??)  We had to use a donor hood so the exhaust hole had to be filled and moved back about 4 inches. 

Grill is still being pounded on to straighten some.  Generator is out being rebuilt.  Still have some things to do but we are at least putting things on (and off and on and off and on) now!!  I think the hitch bracket has been on and off about five times to reset, get the 3 pt items on, lower the hitch, raise the hitch. $%^&*(

A special little add-on we did was put extensions on the platforms - thank you 3 Pt Bob!!  Great idea for some added space!!

More later.


Well, the concept is right but the but the website just does not like pics for some reason.  We will continue to work on it!!  Sorry!