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MalcolmRobinson - (1/19/2013 7:36:15 AM)
RE:Valve Spring Failure on Massey 25

I am glad you are enjoying some of our "Old Lincolnshire Massey History" had it not of been for my dad with his memories and stories I may not of been so focused on Massey Harris.

As you know there are several other early makes of tractors here in the shed and my early days of  the 1970's  I was interested in collecting older veteran tractors where you can see a flywheel and a few gears flying around and have to make parts to restore them, not just buying parts off the shelf like many classic tractor rebuilds today.

I refer to my collecting as "striving to go backwards" when everyone else seems to be "going forward", I started my tractor collection in 1970 with a 1947 Fordson Major E27N, which then was 23 years old, then I started to go "back wards" and collect true veteran tractors back to the First World War period.

I suppose reflecting now I cannot frown upon these modern classic tractors with cabs at our shows today, as the youngsters with them are just the same as I was in 1970, time moves on and we have to move with it.

To answer your questions John,

The black and white photograph you refered to was taken in September 1985 at  a ploughing match near Revesby, Boston, Lincolnshire.
Sorry don't know of a spare bottom filter housing, but will keep a look out for you.


What you see there is a set of what we call "chain harrows" here in England, we use them for harrowing old pasture in the spring to pull out dead grass and level any mole hills etc, unfortunately they are not Massey, they are made by a company called Aitkenhead. They are not a very big load for the Cub to pull, but easy to transport with a tractor to a working demonstration, they don't take up much trailer space.