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JoePoncelet - (1/24/2013 7:01:13 AM)
RE:Valve Spring Failure on Massey 25
Nice looking tractor  Before & After!! 

Malcolm, I got to thinking we have been keeping track of many surviving tractors with lists like the ones that David Parfitt has on his site. We should also be keeping track of the tractors that we know have not stood the test of time and have been deleated from existence.

Here is a front of a Massey Harris 25 that I got with one of my 25s in Desoto, Kansas back in 2010. I am sure this tractor is long gone or used for parts, I believe it is Serial Number 70282 or 70288??  Malcolm this is very close to your Serial # 70271 that has survived the test of times with flying colors (literally) Still nice looking paint!!