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MalcolmRobinson - (1/24/2013 3:07:58 PM)
RE:Valve Spring Failure on Massey 25
That's true Joe we always seem to lean towards surviving tractor serial numbers, always looking for first or last production numbers, but as you say to build a true production picture of any model the listing of all known numbers would be good, I am going to recommend Tom for the job, he is a real numbers person and young enough to remember all this stuff, as I used to be just the same at his age, but now the memory is just not as good as it used to be at remembering, do you experience the same problem??

Interesting on your unstyled 25 front plate being very close to my tractor number, bet they were not far apart on the production line in Racine, here is a challenge for the "Racine Researchers" to find a photograph of unstyled 25's rolling down the line. I have just enjoyed seeing the G-P and combine photograph underneath the water tower in the "Racine Tractor" thread, keep all these interesting photographs and history rolling out for everyones benefit.

You mention the paintwork on my green 25, well back in 1993 when I bought it from down in Dorset, it was seized solid when I got it home so put it in the back of my shed filled the cylinders with diesel and left it soaking for a few years, I kept looking at the tractor and thinking "one day that will look nice restored and running" as the years went on and other projects came in front of it, then my mind changed towards originality rather than glossy paintwork, so this tractor narrowly escaped the destruction of years of working patina.

I am now very pleased with how it looks and runs.