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johnfarnworth - (2/21/2013 10:14:19 AM)
RE:Family tractors remembered - gone but not forgoten
Back home after a few days in the south of England.  One stop we made on the way back was the Oakham Treasures Museum near Bristol.  An astonishing place with maybe 50-100,000 individual exhibits from an ancient tins of peas, cast iron seats, post boxes, stationary engines and about 50 tractors all beautifully displayed.  Very much a museum that the lady folks would like as well as tractor buffs.  He has the 60 inch GP on skeleton steel wheels which won the oldest working Massey prize in UK in 1984, also a nice 12-20 and the largest Ferguson sign I have ever seen - about 12 ft wide and 6 ft tall!!

Anyway tonight here is a shot of myself being a bit stupid posing after my graduation with our old TEF (diesel) Ferguson tractor which was fitted with a Dinkum Digger.  The digger was a hell of a weight and we had cut up railway lines slung on the front of the tractor to supposedly stop it rearing up - but it still did.  Dad and my uncle bought it when they took on a 70 acre pure peat moss farm (70 foot deep peat in the middle).  The drainage system (clay tiles and open ditches) was in a bad way so the first job was to clean out all the ditches.  We fitted the tractor with cage wheels on the rear to stop it sinking.  I spent weeks on probably a mile of ditches and other work.  When the farm was sorted they sold the digger off.  Don't recall where it went to.