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johnfarnworth - (2/22/2013 8:47:00 AM)
RE:Family tractors remembered - gone but not forgoten
Earlier on this thread I posted a picture of my Dad's and uncle's retirement sale.  It showed a line up of all the tractors that were sold off.

This is the only one that I now know the whereabouts of.  In fact it was bought by one of the chaps that used to work for them.  At the time he was developing a smallholding of his own.  He had been the principal driver of the tractor and had spent long hours on it ploughing and baling.  It was particularly favoured for baling as it had Multi Power so you could slow down or speed up on the move according to the density of the swath.

The tractor is an MF 178.  It is the only "8" series tractor not to have a lengthened chassis (by means of a spacer box).  I don't think you had the "8" series 100 tractors over in N America.  Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong on this. The longer chassis idea was primarily to facilitate easier fitting of cabs and access into them.

Our regular MF 175s had the Perkins A4.236 diesel engine whereas the 178s had the Perkins A4-248 diesel giving it 73 hp as compared with the 66 hp of the 175s.

The tractor left our family in v good condition and it has been similarly maintained to the present day, and is still regularly worked.  It is still with the same person with whom I am in regular contact about its return to this family!  My son is continually pestering me as to when we are getting it back.  Regretably its likely price keeps creeping up as these are a much sought after tractor with collectors.

The photo shows it at its "new" home only a few years ago.  It has pressed steel front wheels but actually was turned out with the cast type.  These are still being kept with the tractor - for when I retrieve it!!