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johnfarnworth - (2/23/2013 4:45:33 AM)
RE:Family tractors remembered - gone but not forgoten
In an earlier post on this thread I showed a B and W picture of myself driving our MF 780 Special combine and I mentioned that when we first bought it that it was a bagger.

Here is a colour shot of it just after haveing been converted to a tanker.  You can see the old bagger unit lying on the floor of the shed.

I think that In N America bagger combines were not common and you were into tankers from early days.  Here the switch to tankers came in the late'50s to early 60s.  After that our muscles started to melt away.  More on baggers in a future post.

Note that the combine can be seen fitted with a cage wheel for wet conditions.  We fitted one each side - a narrow one on the crop side and a wider one on the tank side.
They gave remarkable flotation.  The header of the older MH 726 combine can just be seen behind it.