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johnfarnworth - (2/27/2013 4:48:11 AM)
RE:Family tractors remembered - gone but not forgoten
Here's a  pic from the early-mid 1950's I believe.  I found it whilst browsing through Malcolm's literature a few years ago.  I think it must have been an old newspaper or magazine and as we turned the pages I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a photo of my grandfather (centre) great uncle Fred (left) and an M-H salesman.  The picture may well have been taken at the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show which was a regular "must visit" with our family.

They are viewing an MH 744 diesel tractor.  These were fitted with the iconic Perkins P6 diesel engine - the smoothest running diesel engine ever - literally music to one's ears.  And so much quiet torque.  A fine tractor but of higher price than the Fordson Majors of the same era so not as succesful in terms of nmbers sold.  Many were sold overseas to Africa and Australia in particular.

The 744 in the background has an implement attached but I am not sure what - maybe the MH semi- mounted mower??  Any ideas

Well Grandad didn't buy one so this a tractor remembered but never purchased.