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jwb53 - (2/27/2013 7:00:41 PM)
RE:Family tractors remembered - gone but not forgoten
There are a couple of posts in between, but wanted to go back up to Bob's post.


I really enjoyed reading your post, and it reminded me of the front mount 4-row cultivator we had on my dad's MH-44.  There are two open draining ditches that wind through the farm from Northeast to Southwest.  They create a lot of what we call "point rows".  When I was just a young lad, we would head to those fields, with Dad on the 44 with the 4-row, and me on the Ford Golden Jubilee with a Ferguson rigid two-row cultivator on the 3-pt hitch.  I would start on the short point rows, and Dad would start on the longer rows at the other side of the field.  We'd cultivate until we met somewhere in the middle.

I can still remember the day that Dad had parked the 44 to go to the house for something.  I was about finished with the point rows, and feeling quite *****y, I climbed on the 44 and did my first cultivating with that big 4-row outfit!!  Dad was pleased.  Great memories.

Miss your dad, too, Bob.

Thanks for joining the thread.