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johnfarnworth - (1/11/2013 1:40:08 PM)
RE:MCA Ideas
Looking back I am amazed that it was last May when I started this thread.  I am wondering if the managment have yet considered any of the ideas posted here and the outcomes?

The same pattern continues with the web site.  Lots of viewings of some threads and clearly many, many are by non MCA members.  I stress again that we are clearly missing out on input from these non-members that would be valuable to our membership.

Today it occured to me that one way round this might be to have a low cost "associate membership" which only allowed the "assciate" to post replies or initiate new threads.  Pulling a number out of my head this might be 5 $ per person per year payable either in cash or maybe an automatic payment facility could be established on the site.  I stress that this "associate" would categorically not be granted any other of the priveleges and facilities of the MCA.

Worth a thought I hope and would welcome others, particularly the board and MCA officers to come in on the discussion.  The other advantages would be that it would generate income to support the MCA web site and we might get a wider participatory audience thanthe present mostly American one  - how sad that we get nothing from Australia and almost nothing from Canada