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MasseyH - (1/11/2013 9:27:39 PM)
RE:MCA Ideas
Hi John,
Thanks again for bringing ideas to the forefront and trying to make the web site more enticing.
Although I am not on the Board nor am I an Officer I would like to make some observations:
#1 We currently have 120 registered members on the web site.  If you look at the contributors, most are just lurking and not sharing their thoughts ideas and experiences.  Those 120 only represent about 8% of the total MCA membership so there is plenty of room for others to get involved and participate.   So how do we get them engaged and participating?  Here is another interesting observation: since the site has been up we only have had 3 requests from non MCA members to have access to the site.  One joined MCA and 2 did not.
#2 MCA finally has an account with PayPal (I know – I said we would be doing this last May!)  We are currently working on what the transaction fees are and how we might recoup those costs.  We hope to have Board approval at the Spring Meeting and launch PayPal payments soon after.  This will allow for membership payments, memorabilia purchases and other ways to pay for things.
#3 Because of #2, and because we now have a handle on how web site registrations can work, I could see MCA establishing an associate membership, like you mentioned, for those wanting access to the web site. (See the last sentence in #1)  With PayPal and the new safeguards in the system, I think it might be a possibility.  Before, the system was open and anyone could come in and trash the web site – and they did!!  With the registration system we have in place, we would at least be able to see who is trying to destroy the site and take corrective action.  Hopefully, Joe and JoJo and weigh in on this part. 
#4 So how do we get more people viewing and participating in the web site? It is obvious we have people looking but not reacting.  I know every person out there has a story they can share.  I have written an article for this next Clipper encouraging folks to use the web site.  It will be interesting to see if it has any impact.  That is why I encouraged you to write a short Clipper article about your 12-20/grandfather story and Malcolm about his tractor trailer system.  If people could see what is being posted on the web site maybe they would join in.  I know – it is the chicken/egg situation: “If they would view it on the web site, then I would not have to write and print another article; if I write an article for the Clippe,r then there is no need for the web site.”   So how do we break this crazy circle? 
Enough of my bantering!!
We need to hear from everyone!!  If you have issues or ideas for the web site committee to address or you have issues and ideas for the Board to address, let us know.  We will make sure they are delivered to the appropriate decision-makers!!
We all just want to make things better and enjoyable for everyone!