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Jerry - (1/12/2013 5:24:12 PM)
RE:MCA Ideas

Well, my Dad once said "if you don't have something worthwhile to say, just keep quiet". As I lurk here on the website as you say, I watch for things I might reply too. If I don't have any old 25's or 12-20's, I just read and  let it all sink in. I also don't have any old Massey stoves or feed carts or wrenches, so I just keep still and lurk. Many folks only check in monthly if that.  I will vote against Paypal at the spring meeting as that is a real rip of outfit from my dealings with them. Of course my thoughts in the past have been taken very lightly as I don't have the vast collection of Masseys that those who rule do. I do love this group and will continue to function, however, there is class distinction within our group. Hope I haven't pizzed too many folks with my thoughts. Afterall, I dealt with John Deere "nose in the air' folks for many years.