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Reuhlz - (1/12/2013 11:02:50 PM)
RE:MCA Ideas
Jerry - I would agree with you that some of the more recent topics on here are more of the "rare" or "older" variety.  I prefer the push buttons myself.    But it is always great to lurk and learn.

You mention class distinction.  I suppose depending on the interpretation of that comment that would exist in any society, club, organization, Junior high school, etc.  I still believe that "Massey's collect the nicest people" and always find individuals welcoming for conversations, stories, and knowledge.

I am sorry to hear you think your thoughts are taken lightly.  I am sure the MCA doesn't award one vote per tractor you own or give extra credit for those with vast collections.  I only have the one rusty broken MH22 from my avatar picture.  I don't want to start an organization debate because that is not my intent.  So....

What topics would you like to know more about?  What posts can you start?  Do you have any stories to add about your tractors?  Start a new thread with a new project of your own so the rest of the folks can watch the progress and add their two cents and non-sense.