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MalcolmRobinson - (5/25/2012 2:29:39 AM)
RE:MCA Ideas

I am pleased to hear you are pogressing with electronic payments, that is a step forward for distant members to pay for subscriptions and buy merchandise, so hopefully next you will be converting part of your trailer into a "Mobile Massey Collectors Shop" , it would make a good back drop to the Massey tent at a show, where you could get Ony selling MCA wares and serving up cream teas to members, she would be excellent sales person,  you could even sleep onsite then Gary!!!

Thank you for thinking of my business interests but rest assured you would not want me just a few miles down the road, your life would never be the same, the list of jobs for you on "the to do list" would mean you would never get anything done for yourself, a great thought but sorry to disapoint you.

All the Best and look forward to seeing the Mobile Massey Shop with strawberries and Jersey cream in Baraboo.