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johnfarnworth - (5/26/2012 3:58:08 AM)
RE:MCA Ideas
I have been absolutely astonished at the number ov views that my MAGNETO thread has received.  Almost 19,000 as of this morning!!!!!!!!!!!  It's quite unreal.

But I ask myself why such a response?

Possible answers:
1. A lot of pent up frustrations out there about magnetos
2. A lot of non MCA members viewing, including non M-H enthusiasts

If a majority of the viewers are non MCA then we are losing out on potentially a large number of replies which is disadvantaging the whole vintage tractor movement - someone, somewher could have vital clues to our problems.

So can we possibly find a way to allow non MCA members to respond and so enhance  our reception of potentially a large number of diverse comments which could be of value to us all??