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johnfarnworth - (4/9/2013 11:45:13 AM)
RE:MCA Ideas
MCA was I believe founded to promote interest in MH, Ferguson and MF as well as related companies such as Wallis etc etc etc.

The USA has an excellent "Ferguson Club"  - FENA - (Ferguson Enthusiasts of North America) but there seems to be little contact between MCA and FENA - yet we are all sharing at least a part of the same interest.

It occured to me that one way to bring the two groups closer together would be for MCA and FENA to co-ordinate their annual EXPOS and hold them on the same sites.  They would be totally complimentary.  If the two were on one site each year it would make for a more inclusive coverage of our shared history which led to the creation of MF.

Can I therefore suggest that the MCA board explore this possibility with FENA with a view to perhaps getting the two EXPOS on one site for as early as 2014.

An added advantage with the cost of travel and accomodation these days is of course that attendees would get two EXPOS for the price of one each year.

This year I think the two EXPOS are on the same date but one in Ontario and one in Ohio.  How impossible!  What a missed opportunity for people to get together.

I hope that there will be an outcome on this.

Thanks, John