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johnfarnworth - (4/10/2013 5:36:35 AM)
RE:MCA Ideas

Delighted that you are on board with the joint MCA-FENA EXPOs idea.  By buying that GP with what look like Ferguson mudguards on it there is now an added urgency for the joint EXPO - you will have a better chance of off loading them to a Ferguson nut!

Anyway - congratulations on the acquisition of the GP and hope you soon have it up and running - with a repacement rad!  I like those tip toe wheels.  I know you are a bit wary of these hand crank machines but at least the GPs are quite tame and easy to swing over, and furthermore generally good starters.  Worse thing about them is getting on them - they do test your agility somewhat, and the steering when manouvering will build up your arm muscles!