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MasseyH - (4/11/2013 9:17:32 PM)
RE:MCA Ideas
Hi John,

A couple questions for you:

#1 was your bath water hot - warm - or cold?

#2 what does it cost to print one hundred copies of your books?

I couple quick things ran thru my head reading your suggestion - which I agree is an excellent idea, but with some challenges. Who print$ them, who $it$ at a table to $ell them?

As you well know - in the recent issues of the Clipper the newsletter editor has taken items (stories and pictures) directly from the web site and placed them into the Clipper!!  This could be a conduit we already have that could be shared with those who choose not to use the website.  One of the challenges I want to explore with him is to insure that the web site and the web site authors (and contact information) might also be available in the printed medium do give credit to the weiter and to promote the web site.

For those of us who read every post three times, it makes the Clipper boring reading but for the vast majority, it is new hot stuff!!

BTW - there is another Massey web site out there that I have noticed has borrowed some of our nice pics and placed them on their web site as well.  We must be doing something right!!

Keep them coming John - AND OTHERS.