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MasseyH - (4/11/2013 9:33:16 PM)
RE:MCA Ideas
Just so you don't think all these ideas are falling on deaf ears ...

Although I missed the MCA Board teleconference on Tuesday night, I did share with the board about John's idea of having an internet membership.  A fee would be charged to those interested and they would have access to the website but they would not recieve the newsletter, notices or other correspondence sent to regular members.  We will continue to pursue that idea and think about its pros and cons.  These membership fees could go directly into the web site maintenance account to help offset its costs.

We are also currently working with the web designer to get the PayPal button up for folks to renew their memberships on the web site.  At this point it would be available to only those who do not belong to a chapter but we will be working on that as well.  There probably will be a fee associated with it use (3%) to offset the PayPal costs.  We might have to do a test on a couple of UK memberships to discover if there are foreign charges associated with Paypal, as well.  I am not sure about that situation. Maybe someone out there already knows.

Although we are slow we do listen and continue to make MCA useful to all our members.  It is tough when we only meet about four times a year but we try!!

Any and all ideas are welcome.