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johnfarnworth - (4/12/2013 2:15:31 AM)
RE:MCA Ideas

The bath was hot when I got in but pretty cool when I got out as I was reading a Wilbur Smith thriller!  That's the advantage of a bath over a shower - you can read in it!

Have no idea what it would cost to print 100 of my books.  But I know it would be very expensive.  Remember there is the binding and transport on top.  Normally publishers do minimum print runs of 2000 or so to make the job viable but maybe as few as 1000 for a reprint.

Who prints them?  This would of course have to be worked out - maybe a new MCA officer to take this on.  MCA would have to fund it in the first instance but a costing needs working through obviously to see if the idea is viable.

Who sells them - well MCA members at shows who I currently often see sat in tents and could be selling a memorabilia range for MCA.  And small traders like (maybe) S and S, Terry Kessel, Jack etc etc if you can interest them.  I don't think we have an MCA memorabilia activity yet and this does need developing - so this links in.  Other clubs have quite remunerative memorabiia activities which certainly contribute to club funds.

Which is the other Massey web site using our pics?  Are they within the MCA fold?  Need to watch out for copyright issues

Keep thinking!!!!!