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MasseyH - (3/3/2013 9:05:01 PM)
RE:Massey Related Books and References

Authors: John Moffitt and John Farnworth

ISBN No.09533737 5 4


Books which record a major tractor and implement collection are few and far between. Some years ago I was privileged to have the late John Moffitt approach me to help prepare a book on his Ferguson collection. John was one of our earliest and most foremost tractor collectors in the UK. His first collection was the Hunday museum which he ran as a commercial enterprise for many years and this was one of our main tractor collections covering many rare and eraly tractors. He then sold it off.

Some years later in "retirement" he decided to establish a Ferguson collection having become fascinated with the life and work of Harry Ferguson. Within just a few years he had created what was probably the world's largest collection of Ferguson equipment from the UK and North America. This was a private museum, but could be visted by appointment and some major events were held there as well. When he asked me to help on the book venture I jumped at the chance and this is the result.

I should add that John was one of our most noteworthy dairy farmers. He followed in his father's footsteps in pioneering many aspects of cattle breeding in the UK. "Hunday" was the name of the dairy herd. Realising he was getting old, John sold off his Ferguson collection a few years before his death to a single buyer and the collection can still be viewed by appointment I understand.