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MasseyH - (3/3/2013 9:27:39 PM)
RE:Massey Related Books and References


Author: Anna Massey

ISBN No. 978-0-09-179645-7




Here's something different for those of you interested in following the history of the Massey family down to the present day. This book is by actress Anna Massey who is the daughter of the famous Canadian actor Raymond Massey. She has a direct line of descent from the founder of the Massey company Daniel Massey. The line goes:

Daniel Massey

Hart Massey

Chester Massey

Raymond Massey

Anna Massey

Some of you may remember that at the 150th M-H celebrations at the Ontario Agricultural Museum in 1997 there was a short, stocky gentleman in attendance. He was a later Hart Massey who was a cousin of Anna's and I was privileged to have a long conversation with him. Anna recalls some fascinating tales of her lifetime in this book. In the book she recalls some fascinating tales of her lifetime. My wife bought me a copy and Anna was kind enough to sign it for us.