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MasseyH - (3/26/2013 8:50:54 PM)
RE:Massey Related Books and References


Author. Erik Fredriksen

copyright Erik Fredriksen 2000.

26 Pages


Here's a bit of Ferguson which most of you across the Atlantic will not be aware of. At the time of the M-H and Ferguson merger, Harry Ferguson had his engineers on each side developing a new tractor. In N America it was to become the TO 35, on our side it was the LTX or potentially the Ferguson tractor - a big Ferguson. The prototypes were put through their paces and apparently had quite outstanding performance. Erik Fredriksen who wrote this booklet tested them. However shortly after the merger the LTX was dropped and the prototypes sadly sent to the great smelter in the sky. Erik put down this record of the great tractor 2-3 years before he died. An invaluable little read if you can get hold of a copy.