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johnfarnworth - (7/5/2012 1:51:14 PM)
RE:Massey Harris #2

Wish I could help you with detailed info but as you say hard to come by.  I seem to recall once seeing an ops manual up in Canada somewhere but remember how relatively useles it was - more of a novel than a facts book!

What's the general condition/completeness of the two you have?  Is it going to be a one from two excercise or are you set on restoring the two fully?    Parts V. hard to come by but tinwork will be easy if you have an original to follow  and measure - mostly straight stuff and only a simple bend in the two hood pieces and catches for them which can easily be cast.

The Buda engine is a nice thing - a lovely slow runner and if you are not unlucky it should be easy to get going.  The worse problem I had was the carburettor floats on my two which can stick open and flooding a problem - accessibility of the carb is awful (see the tractor design faults thread) - but there again you are a bit shorter and younger than me.  I have found that it is perfectly OK to tow them - they are not the most convenient to crank - so don't be afraid of towing them - just be gentle!  I suppose you could belt them but I haven't tried that

No doubt the bottoms are rotted out of the gas/water tank?

Have yours got belt guides on them - or the big bar support for the guides?  KO says one of the few differences between the No 1s and 2s was that the 2s had belt guides whilst the 1s didn't.  Interestingly one of ours has no belt guide or the support bar and it also has older style Parrett hubs so we believe this to be the older of the two.  This is the one that won the MF worldwide prize for oldest working Massey tractor in 1984.  Unfortunately neither have their serial no plates but we have had two exact replicas made and put the engine nos on

Have fun in your endeavours and keep us informed.  Photo of our twon attached.