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Tseaberg - (7/5/2012 3:25:40 PM)
RE:Massey Harris #2
Thanks to the reply John, and great picture! I wish mine were like those. But sadly there is not a lot left. I will need to make many new parts and all new tin. The engines will be the tough deal to find. As you know they are an HTU buda engine and seem to be tough to find. I hope to be able to find at least one original engine, but I may have to find another Buda engine that is close. I have been eyeing up another engine that is close and there is a couple near by.

A couple questions. What is the engine numbers on yours?

Also have you ever looked the gears? I have even found a difference in the large bull gears on mine. Both look to have used the belt guide.

Heres a link to some pics of mine and a few others. Mine are the worse looking ones.