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Tseaberg - (1/26/2013 4:44:20 PM)
RE:Massey Harris #2
Thank you guys for the information on your tractors.  Another thing to note is the Parrett malcolm posted is the later model H with the internal teeth on the bull gear. I am going to check on the Parrett Model E and see what that one uses. 
The picture I posted of the gear is the newer tractor of my two massey's. the other one has the 13 tooth so maybe that is why all the teeth are worn off! 

Here is a picture today of unloading the #2. My friend Joe is going to make some new frame rails and a few other parts for both of these tractors. We were thinking this was probably the first time this tractor had been picked up by a crane since it left the factory!
so with any luck soon I will actually need the motors I have been looking for.

also john, if you have a chance I sure would like to see pictures of your different hubs. Mine look the same but maybe I am missing some details?