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Tseaberg - (3/29/2013 7:34:23 PM)
RE:Massey Harris #2
Well I just got home from Albany. We didnt get as much done as I thought but the air hammer didnt quite have enough power to install a rivet without reheating it. So when the front axles are finished I will bring them back home and have them riveted in Fargo where my journey began today picking up the rivets at Larson Welding. They just rolled out one of the latest projects an is headed bck to Rollag soon. 

I am glad I have several friends around here in the manufacturing business so I get alot of help from them on my projects.  They have been bugging me about getting the bull gears made soon but there is only so much money I can afford to spend on a tractor in a short time. I brought home several smaller castings to get ready to re-cast, once I figure out how.