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BrendenK - (1/23/2012 10:18:51 AM)
RE:Website Login and Access
MasseyH wrote:
I think folks might think that if you tell it to "Remember me" that it will remember you even after you log out and come back the next day.  That is not correct. Right?
That is right, it WILL NOT remember you if you click Sign Out.

MasseyH wrote:
It will on remember you as long as you stay connected to your browser AND you didn't sign off.  Correct??

It will remember you as long as you don't click the Sign Out button.  The way to do this is to log in (checking the Remember Me box as well) and just closing your browser window to exit the site or navigate to another site.  Then if you come back later that day, week, month you will see you are already logged in.  The key is to not click the log out button.