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BrendenK - (1/25/2012 5:19:19 PM)
RE:Website Login and Access

The website will remember you from day to day as long as you don't click the Sign out button.  For security reasons (that have been a huge problem with the website in the last 7-8 years) there will not be a change made as we don't want to compromise the security of the website and files needed to run the website. 

This website's login and security meets or exceeds common standard and functionality of other websites.  In my personal opinion as someone who writes code nearly all day every day for websites, its best to not have a "remember me" feature or have a browser remember your password as of someone were to enter your home and steal your computer, all they would have to do is turn on the computer and start browsing to your favorite sites and automatically log in.  Although this website doesn't have a lot of secure data on it, it is still good to keep your password and username in a safe place.