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MasseyH - (6/27/2012 8:58:26 PM)
RE:Massey Harris Implements.
It is that time of year!!  I got my Massey Harris grain binder out over the weekend to help our local club prepare for the County Fair Antique Tractor display.  The club has about thirty acres we play on so we always have some wheat for threshing.

This year was a little different.  First they brought out the club's JD 45 SP Combine.  It was obvious the fan was not working properly because the harvested wheat was amazingly dirty.

Next came another club member with a pto driven IH binder.  It was going to save the day by binding three or four wagon loads of wheat to thresh during the fair.  Unfortunately, it went about 50 feet without tying the first bundle.  He pulled out and said it was up to me!!

Here comes my MH Colt pulling the ground driven MH binder.  I learned early on that you had to move the binder faster than you would think because you needed to go the speed of a good team of Percheron draft horses.  I told the driver to make sure we had good speed going into the standing wheat.  Like a little sewing machine, the ole MH binder went into the wheat, did not miss a tie and finished the task faster than any of the other combines in the field.  It was not unusual for us to wait for the AC All-Crop to move ahead so we could go without stopping.

There are a couple pics of the binder working and another with my 333 pulling the bundle wagon as it was loaded.

Nice day, great fun and it was nice to know that when you need to get something done you can depend on a Massey!!