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JoePoncelet - (7/7/2012 6:54:38 AM)
RE:Massey Harris Implements.
Nice looking drill Gary!! Only one problem it is not going to do you much good without a Combine now is it??? Oh I forgot you still have the binder, now all you need is a steel wheel tractor and threshing machine and you are in business.

Now back to the early days in Indiana, one of my favorite pictures of the Massey Harris GP and Pulverator plow was this picture taken from John Farnworth's Massey Legacy book volume one page 102. I just can't believe this fella is driving this tractor with his trench coat dangeling over the spinning PTO shaft on the Pulverator plow.

For many years I wondered where and when this picture was taken and I may be way off but I believe it was taken Wednesday April 12th 1930 on a farm near Evensville, Indiana. Here is an article I found in the May 10th, 1930 issue of Impleent & Tractor Trade Journal. As you will read the Pulverator Plow stole the show with it's high performance in the worst of conditions. The dealers were selling them like hotcakes after the demonstration and they could not make them fastest enough, my question is what happened to all of them??? They are rare as hens teeth now days.