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Tim_Pace - (7/20/2012 6:51:18 AM)
RE:Massey Harris Implements.
Tom,  I am guessing the difference between a MH 19 Plow and a 6A is 13A if my math serves me correctly.  Nice thread going here, and to add to it I will try to add some prospective from Muscatine.  We have both a 2,and 3 bottom Pulverator Plow.  The 2 bottom was purchased by the family for use on my farm, to be pulled by one of the two G P"s we owned.  As one of Grandpa's stories go, while he was going to Ames College in 1918, and 1919. Now Iowa State University,  an engineering student, and good friend, in his dorm would later be employed by the General Implement Company of Racine. And he worked on the developement of the Pulverator Plow. I am sorry I do not recall his name, this story was told to me many years ago.  For you Joe, you asked where did they all go?  Many still exist today, however, the Pulverators have been removed.  On my farm Grandpa showed me years ago where he went out and plowed in the morning, and then a torrential rain came and took 5 inches of top soil off.  Years ago a set of two pulverators were out back of my shed.  A plow that my Great Grandfather had sold, had the pulverators removed for that reason, and we ended up with them. Sad, the scrapper got them along time ago.  The 3 bottom was bought at auction years ago.  Dad knows more on the subject so I will rattle his memory a bit. Well thats enough for now, the two fingers I type with are really tired.  Keep it up !!!!! Tim