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johnfarnworth - (8/11/2012 12:30:14 PM)
RE:Massey Harris Implements.
I had my MH 50 tractor out today at a show and had my MH 30 low volume sprayer on it.  This I bought last autumn.  A hard to find item as usually they are rotten.  This one is in very good order but was without the PTO drive pump.  I advertised for one, got one reply from a chap who had just scrapped the sprayer but kept the pump. 

The sprayer was made for MH by Fisons Pest Control, one of  our earliest and largest pesticide manufacturers in the early days of such products.  They also made a sprayer for Fergusons of which there was a very good fully restored specimen at the show today.

I am keeping this sprayer in its original condition - just spraying it with oil to preserve those MH decals

I think, from brochures I have seen, that your MH tractor mounted sprayers in N America were a different style to these????