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johnfarnworth - (7/5/2012 8:17:46 AM)
RE:Massey mens' food!

Those cookies look absolutely great.  A true Massey man would not be concerned about a bit of a taste of diesel.  My great grandfather would apparently sack any man who washed his hands at lunch time when they were threshing with steam engines - and they were never short of oil and muck on them!

Just as importantly that oiled down hood looks far better than any paint job ever could - glad the habit is catching on over there and it does make routine preservation so simple, easy and quick as I am sure you have discovered

Here our appaling wet cool spell continues.  It is frightfully damp and today temps have risen to a great 65 with 82% humidity so its pretty stuffy.  Tomorrow is forecast to be a dreadful wet day with a north wind all across the centre of UK which includes me and Malcolm, it is forecast to be worse on his side so that doesn't matter!!!!!!