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johnfarnworth - (8/9/2012 12:57:46 PM)
RE:Massey mens' food!

Well the time has come for you and Gary to prove your worths on this culinary front.  The bird from the east is now as I write in the sky flying west en route for Baraboo via Texas.  So I hope you have all necessary preparations in hand for a great feast on touchdown.  He will need sizeable portions of bread and roast potatoes to be followed by super ripe old fashioned variety strawberrieswith some taste (modern varieties no use as bred for transport and not taste) and of course that celebrated double JERSEY cream.  Please do make sure you return the bird eastwards full of glowing contentment from good MASSEY food!!!!!

Strawberries and Jersey cream must be the ultimate Massey food with the rich red of strawberries and the smotth creamy yellow Jersey cream.

Good luck to you all at Baraboo!!!!!!!!!! and I look forward to the tales..............