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JoePoncelet - (3/23/2013 7:25:38 AM)
RE:Massey mens' food!
Too bad we can't get Bob Parke to jump in on here as he has a very nice collection with alot of knowlege to add to this site.

It's been a while since there  has been any new Massey Mens Food so here is the latest Craze. It is Corn Cob Jelly thats right Corn Cob Jelly made with corn cobs shelled with a Massey Harris hand corn sheller and cobs hauled in a Massey Harris wheel barrow. This new craze was created by Steve and Sandy Miller of Atwater, MN and they do a great job of making it.

I heard it through the grape vine that they may be performing the Jelly making live at the Armstrong's for Massey Days. I really like the taste of this stuff but I think it could have just a little more Massey Flavor if the corn was planted with a Massey Harris planter and Cultivated with a Massey Harris Cultivator and Picked with a two row Massey Harris self propelled picker and last but not least cooked on a Massey Harris Stove. What do you think Steve???? If we don't eat it all at Massey Days we could possibly save it in a Massey Harris Freezer so when the boys from the other side of the pond come over they can try it..... But then we risk the possiblity of it loosing some flavor. I guess when they come Steve and Sandy will have to make a fresh batch just for them.

It is really Goooood.......