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johnfarnworth - (3/9/2013 6:56:56 AM)
Thought I would start a new thread to feature Massey seats just to see how many there really are.  I have a few here which I will show over the next days then maybe others can supplement the list

First off is an MH 79 seat.  There were several 79s with 79, 7.9 and 7-9 markings.  It is one of the commoner and hence cheaper seats

Few if any of us know what the original colours of these seats were so you can assume that the colours are to the present onwers' tastes!  As to which machines they came off I am uncertain but maybe Alan with his growing collection of parts books can enlighten us?  One things we do know though is that the cast iron seats were always on implements and not tractors - they were always tin.