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johnfarnworth - (4/3/2013 9:33:57 AM)
On the trail of more "Massey" line seats we move now round the globe to Australia.  There H V McKay was the largest machinery manufacturer in the country and based at Sunshine.  Their implement line was branded as the Sunshine line and many had "Sun" as a prefix.

Massey-Harris amalgameted with them in 1930.  In the mid 1880s Hugh Victor McKay was pioneering the stripper harvester - he was ahead of M-H - and formed the McKay Harvester company. In the early 1900s M-H men were working with HV McKay on harvester development.  So the M-H  and Sunshine link goes back a long way in time.

I am aware of 5 seats of the McKay line and start today with what I believ is the oldest and one of the rarer seats.  It is simply marked Sunshine and has the sun's rays cast in it.