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johnfarnworth - (4/17/2013 12:14:23 PM)
We now come to the Massey "Rake" seats.  There are three of these.

The first is the oldest and simply marked the Rake.  I believe that the origin of these "Rake" seats lies in the Ithaca steel dump rake that was produced at  the Massey works from 1869 and was the first automatic horse dump rake to be produced in Canada - and at Massey's then Newcastle, Ontario factory.  I believe that this first seat pre dates this production by Massey and was probably by some original "Ithaca company" - but I am open to correction on this.  There are no Massey markings on this seat.

Another possibility is that in 1874 Massey secured the rights for Sharp's self dumping rake - a machine that had one of the longest production runs of Massey equipment.  Again I would welcome any info.