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johnfarnworth - (4/18/2013 2:30:06 AM)
Here is the second Rake seat.  It's the "Rake Newcastle" so I am presuming that it is post 1869 and when Massey was still in his original factory at Newcastle, Ontario, Canada - the real birth place of all things Massey.  It's a small town well worth a visit. 

You can see the old factory - now old folks homes and shops but marked Massey, the graves of the Massey family are nearby as is Daniel Massey's House.  And to give credit where it is due there is the excellent Massey Restaurant just round the corner.  A short walk away is the Massey Hall donated to the community by the Massey family - quite an architectural splendour.  It's well worth half a day of mooching around.

Graham - have you made a visit here yet??