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MalcolmRobinson - (5/25/2012 8:51:55 AM)
RE:Harvest Parade.
Gary I  can see you are observing the content and photographs of all the recent threads and paying attention to all things Massey.

Operating some of this old equipment which I have collected over the past 40 years makes me fully understand why we now have machines for our daily work with air conditioned cabs, satelite navigation and all the electronic gadgets, so the operator can work in his Sunday suit with clean hands too.

To answer your question the Sunshine stripper header with a strong back wind blowing the dust around your face is not a pleasant experience to smile about, head wind with the Massey parrafin exhaust fumes is much better and brings a pleasurable smile to your face.

I am sure you appreciate this "wind directional" discussion especially when you are about to operate your combine at Massey days, unless you have one of these modern airstream helmets to keep the dust away from your face? With the combine serviced, new belts you must be ready to run that machine all weekend, we need to see the photo's after and a full calculated report on the amount of hours you worked, acreage cut, volume harvested  with the cost of fuel used etc to see if Massey is still competative in the Harvesting Brigade, or do you need some support from a Class Lexion? I can ship ours across if you need some light green support!!