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MalcolmRobinson - (6/22/2012 7:40:12 AM)
RE:Harvest Parade.
Joe / Gary,

Pleased to see you had some youngsters helping you Joe,

Your hay harvesting season looks just like our's here right now, we had a drought for the entire month of March, 4th April the water authority introduced our hosepipe ban as stocks were supposedly at an all time record low, that same day it started to rain and we are still getting it, not quite as bad as your last flood Joe, but t is so wet and cold especially during the evenings, the crops are not growing well and there is no hay baled here yet, even struggling to get a good day to make silage, so looks like a very very poor year.
Yesterday was the longest day and we had the central heating running all day it was so cold.

The 701 balers are a very good machine, the one my dad bought new had the PTO drive and he said it was the best baler he ever had, it only missed tieing if the fan belt flew off the fan to keep the dust off the knotters, otherwise it would never miss a bale. The other power options were the Armstrong Siddeley twin cylinder diesel, or Standard four cylinder petrol / paraffin engine. We see surviving examples of each in collections and working events across the country, they seem to be a sought after collectors item now,  unfortunately like combine harvesters they take up quite a lot of storage space.