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MalcolmRobinson - (5/16/2014 5:02:47 AM)
RE:Harvest Parade.
If my memory is correct I think it is twelve years since Steve Miller picked up my M-H wagon in Canada and displayed it at the Hughsville PA National Massey Show, ever since then I have wanted to see it harnessed up to a pair of horses, well this year at the Newark Agricultural Show last weekend I got to see it and even ride on it with them.
The theme was haymaking and they wanted to display the M-H Canadian built wagon amongst the many British varaitions on show and also display the M-H bobsleigh and swap the box and show how they were used in North America during the winter, something totally different to what was seen and used over here in England.

It created a lot of interest during the two day show. The pair of horses Tom and Prince are from the Beamish museum in Northumberland and looked after by current British Champion horse ploughman Jimmy Elliott. Slowly I am getting him converted to M-H, last year he enjoyed the potato digger, but this year the soft sprung seat of the wagon was much more comfortable for the riding experience.