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MasseyH - (5/18/2014 8:49:07 PM)
RE:Harvest Parade.
Some nice horse pics, Malcolm.  Wish I could hitch a pair to some of my Massey items!!  Gotta love the old horse drawn equipment.  Thanks for bring things back because I also saw your 12/2013 post of the advertising piece you had framed.  I must have missed it during the Xmas holidays!!  That was also a great piece.

I still remember a litho you had on one of your walls with a large white team pulling a binder. I think I have a pic of it!!  If you could ever find one of those; put my name on it!!!  For some reason that one really caught my eye, and I still remember it!! The horses were great in that pic.  They definitely did not look English or French!!

Keep them coming.  It seems like you guys have more Massey/horse exhibtis than we do over here!!